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Corporate Training

Corporate world is poised with disciplined and protocol based way of working. Starting from startups to level 5, companies want to grow their business and proportionally the productive human resources. The most important asset of any company is its work force..

  • Develop people at our organization from average professionals to extraordinary performers
  • Turn-up correct rhythm between human resources and work culture.

Grooming Sessions

Skills to present yourself in a global corporate environment , are not only limited to technical and functional knowledge of the  Subject  but also its about how do you create the positive synergy and use that to achieve the career goal .

Attitude to succeed needs the entire set of personal attributes which include

  • Body language
  • Soft skills
  • Behavior , being calm and dedicated
  • Leadership qualities
  • Excellence in  the way  you communicate

Soft Skills

“soft skills are at the core of any successful personality”. What are soft skills? How important soft skills are and how to improve soft skills? A well-known list of soft skills is available on internet. Most popular ones are listening skills, verbal /non-verbal Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving Skills, and Leadership Qualities. These are just few examples of Soft Skills, types of soft skills are not many but the importance of soft skills is huge. Every personality is a combination of hard skills and soft skills .Hard skills meaning specific subject or technical knowledge that provides some tools and techniques to perform a work. Whereas soft skills meaning or soft skills definition is encrusted within personal traits which define a person and his/her capabilities. How does a person communicate, what types of communication a person can use will surely impact customer service skills and reciprocate into business results. It’s necessarily not about to learn communication definition from a training or coaching but its way beyond. What are all soft skills topics to know and practice, how to improve soft-skills? Colleges and corporate of modern world are highly enthusiastic on skill development programs and paying much more attention for training and development of their students and employees to produce effective, efficient and capable human resources. Soft Skills at workplace are most necessary asset for every professional

Techincal Skills

Expert level technical skills are basic need for all engineering graduates .Engineering curriculum is taught in the college at its best with respect to each respective engineering stream, it’s sufficient but not enough to reach to the employability criteria from most of the well-recognized corporate companies. Basic skills gained from college certainly needs a top-up with specific technical skills. This need may vary from one stream to another; it may be expert level knowledge in computer programming languages, commercial off the shelf software development product . Working professionals in IT sector need to upgrade to latest technologies and Domain expertise .It can be Telecom service fulfillment domain covering 2g/3g/4g networks, banking sector, manufacturing industry and many more. Provides a wide range of technical trainings delivered by experts from industry with rich working experience in the respective technology and domain from beginner to expert level.

  • Resume Preperation
  • Job Search Stratagies
  • INterviewing Techniques
  • Making a Career Trasition
  • Many more...

Training Benifits

  • Resume Review Sessions to cretique your resume and discuss on the career question you have.
  • Mock interviews Sessions including a 10 min taping of a practice interview followed by a feedback.
  • Slots of these sessions are limited and are granted on first come, first serve basis.

These Practices has helped us to redefine our partners ships what great customers experience truly means.

Over years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.