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Meet Our team

Pragya tech team will work with you in identifying key performance indicators, performance targets, and reporting structures. We provide training, coaching, reporting structures and the technical support needed to run an effective team. Select your career quickly, easily and cost effectively with our association together, we discuss our business requirements and drafts the detailed profiles.

Reasons why to choose Pragya Tech

  • An aesthetically pleasing urban inspired office that make you look forward to learn your work each day.
  • Coming to work won't be a drag with such a beautiful and warm office welcoming you.
  • Accessible to main commercial area and transportation. The office is a stone threw away from the center of the city with all facilities.


We have the power to drive results.


We will keep you more strategic and involved with your activities


We are incharge of your day to day management


We Provide cost effective rates with innovative solutions.


Your goals are our goals.

Over years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.